My New Year’s Wish For Less

My New Year's Wish for Less

Five email address and over 100,000 emails were in my inboxes. Tech clutter. I didn’t even know they were a burden until they had been deleted.  This year, 2017, my wish is for less, starting with emails. Less clutter, less stuff, less scheduled activities and more freedom.

I hate to use the word minimalism because it is dramatically overused. However, my desire for less and realization for how much room is left for happiness when there isn’t so much “stuff” is thanks to the minimalism gurus.  One of my favorites is Allie Casazza. She keeps it real and is a mom as well so she understands the struggle when comes to the clutter our dear little ones bring along. I highly recommend her free Periscope videos on getting started with the decluttering process.

With Christmas came loads of new “things” and to prevent too much from entering the house I placed all of the new items on the dining room table, grabbed a garbage bag and for each new item put in its place, another item went in the garbage bag for the Goodwill.

It is a start, and I encourage you to also seek out a little less this year!


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