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First off, I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to check out positivelyglamorous.com and learn a little bit more about what it is all about.


Positively Glamorous is a site designed to inspire with unique articles and special handmade / vintage items that make wonderful gifts or precious additions to your home. My goal is to have a site that allows you to escape from daily life and inspires you to see the beauty in the world around you.

The items in my shop are each handpicked or handmade by myself. The beauty of vintage items is that they are pre-loved and (in my opinion) you are basically recycling by purchasing a vintage piece. Every vintage item has a story to tell, and is often a higher quality than something new.


The handmade items in my shop are carefully crafted and often incorporate something old and vintage with something new. These items are often inspired by my grandmother, who has passed, but always told me as a child that I had, “A gift in my little hands.” You’ll see a lot of yellow in my branding and images; the significance of this color is that it reminds me of her.


Speaking of my grandmother, another important aspect of the shop is to be able to give back. Whether it is through a percentage of sales going to a certain charity, or the flexibility of the shop giving me the opportunity to spend more time volunteering, these activities are the foundation of Positively Glamorous’s business model. No one taught me the importance of giving back like my grandmothers and mentor, Jennifer Pealer. 

Julia Niedzialek Mason of Positively Glamorous

A little bit about me…

My name is Julia (Niedzialek) Mason I am an Ohio native currently living outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the beautiful countryside of Chester County. I proudly come from three generations of artists and have always had a unique style. My love of finding special items began as a child going to thrift stores and flea markets with my mom.


At the time it was out of necessity, but quickly it grew into a love. My mom knew just how to punish me as a child if I was misbehaving. She would say, “If you don’t knock it off I won’t take you out shopping with me today!” That would almost always do the trick.


Many of the inspirational articles you will find in my site stem from my father’s example of giving, tradition and most importantly to never give up. As the youngest of three children, he found himself the patriarch and has not only had to care for each of his siblings at one time or another but his parents in their old age as well. Observing all of his care while raising my brother and I along with my mother made a profound impact on me. My drive and (stubbornness) comes from him as well.



Our family… Our family consists of myself, my husband Patrick (married May, 24, 2013), our newborn daughter Elizabeth, our two dogs Morley and Starr and cat Laverne, nicknamed Deedee.

Patrick has been one of my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to following my dreams and starting Positively Glamorous. Patrick even built a beautiful desk for me, along with giving me a large room in the house for my office; he is often the IT support as well.



patrick and I 15 years old




Patrick and I met when we were 15 years old. A couple of friends were walking from the mall to meet up with some new acquaintances and I spotted him in a group. I ran up to him and excitedly introduced myself. (Later I found out he was a bit taken back by my over enthusiasm. He was a wrestler and extremely good looking with big brown eyes and shaggy hair. Little did I know this kid was a genius too.



Life has not always been perfect- but it has always been interesting. I am very blessed to call him my best friend and husband. He also shares my love of finding unique items and often joins me on my adventures in search for them.


Julia and Patrick mason Wedding



If you have any questions feel free to contact me at positivelyglamorous@gmail.com


I would like close by saying thank you again, this time to all of those who have supported me in my decision to open Positively Glamorous and my loyal customers. You know who you are!

The little messages of support mean the world to me and every sale still results in a “Woohoo!”

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