Two New Canvas Prints Added to the Shop!

The velveteen rabbit canvas print for sale 36 x 24

Inspired by some local  flea markets and book pages, these large canvas prints have been added to the shop and are both perfect everyday inspiration. If you are looking for a memorable gift, or something that will complete a room, these beautiful canvas pieces are the perfect way to tie everything together while adding something meaningful.

To purchase, simply click the photo and you will be directed to Etsy to checkout.


st terese she said prayer

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Anthropologie Inspired Dining Room “Make-Under”

Dining Room Make Under Positively Glamorous

I’ll be honest, I watched every episode of Fixer Upper during my maternity leave and I got the itch to change things up in the dining room. We really were not using the space because it felt way too formal and stuffy. I decided a dining room “make-under” was in order to make the space more usable. I imagined a place for game nights, kid’s art activities and Sunday breakfasts.

I was also inspired by the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In the book, the author encourages us to only keep items we love and that make us feel good. I realized the previous dining set was not something I loved, more so something I felt obligated to have for those twice a year fancy dinners. I encourage you to also go through the process of ridding your home of things that don’t make you happy or don’t get used-in the end, it feels wonderful!

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DIY Vintage Window Mirrors

DIY Vintage Window Mirror

I purchased these window panes at a yard sale for hardly anything and have been trying to figure out something creative to do with them for awhile. I wanted to replace our Ikea artwork in the living room and thought some mirrors would really make the room look wider and provide more light reflection from the real windows in the space. Lucky for me, my handy husband helped turn these vintage window panes into mirrors! Here is how he did it!


Items you will need


  1. Install whatever device you will be using to hang each window pane to the top of each. Option examples include heavy duty string, industrial chain or metal hooks. Just make sure whatever you select, it can properly hold the weight of the windows as needed.
  2. Ensure the mirrors fit into the panes you have purchased. 
  3. Carefully, using a drill, install the picture frame turn buttons so they securely hold in the mirror panes just as they would work on the back of a picture frame. You will need at least four for each pane.
  4. Install each of the mirrors very carefully.
  5. After all the mirrors have been installed, your windows are ready to hang! We used wall anchors and screws to ensure the mirrors were properly supported.
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Baby Mason’s Shabby Chic Nursery is Complete!

Baby Masons Nursery Positively Glamorous

Baby Mason’s shabby chic nursery is just waiting for her to arrive, and let’s hope she really is a girl because she has a very feminine bedroom and wardrobe! Here was the inspiration for the room. The goal was to have a “shabby chic” minimalistic environment.

A huge thank you to our dear family and friends, many of the items in the room are from them, were transported by them or are handmade with love. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Baby Masons Nursery Positively Glamorous


The items within this nursery were found at the following places:

    1. Paint: Sherwin Williams Silvermist
    2. Crib: Amazon Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib, White
    3. Wardrobe: My Great Grandma Julia’s
    4. Handles on Wardrobe: Anthropologie
    5. Changing table: Old converted dresser
    6. Cubbies: Target
    7. Trunk: Flea market
    8. Fashion framed images: Yard sale
    9. Bird mirror: Yard Sale
    10. Eiffel Tower: Marshalls
    11. Blue birdcage: Purchased from a vintage themed wedding sale
    12. Lights for birdcage: Marshalls
    13. Paris Lamp: Marshalls
    14. Outfits shown: Handmade, Pottery Barn for Kids and Target
    15. Chandelier: Ikea
    16. Faux fur rug: Ikea
    17. Polka dot containers: Target
    18. Crib sheet and skirt: Ikea

Click here to view this nursery on Project Nursery!


As I write this post, I cannot help but to share with you this beautiful, nostalgic song that fits the whimsical theme of the nursery perfectly. Although it is called “Lost Boy” I think we can all relate to the wish to return to Neverland.


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DIY Handmade Initial Flower Wreath

DIY Monogram Wreath

My moss colored “M” wreath was looking pretty tired, so it was time for a makeover. I decided to tie in all the white with the office, and use white artificial flowers to bring the  wreath back to life. This project can be completed with any color flowers, and some faux leaves would be beautiful for Fall!

Items you will need:

  • Artificial flowers or leaves, enough to cover your entire initial- these can be found at AC Moore, Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics
  • Letter, wood or cardboard- I got mine at Hobby Lobby
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Stapler
  • (Suction Cup if you would like to hang your wreath on a mirror or glass surface. Here are the ones I purchased, they seem to be holding up really well.

Here is how to complete this project:
1.Since I had moss on my letter “M” already it all needed removed prior to adding the flowers in order to start with a clean slate.

DIY Initial Wreath2. Once all of the moss was removed, I took apart the artificial flowers from the stems, so I had a bunch to work with as I glued them on.

3. To add some dimension to the project, I added some artificial greenery to the top and bottom and hot glued that on first.

DIY Initial Wreath

4. Then, I began adding each flower with a dab of hot glue to the letter.

DIY Initial Wreath

5. Once the entire letter was covered with flowers I held it up to find the bare spots and added more flowers in those areas.

6. To add a hanger, hot glue or staple ribbon to the back on one side and make a bow at the top, staple it and then attach the ribbon to the other side of the initial making sure it is even.

Voila! Your fancy wreath is complete and you made it all by yourself. Find a great place to hang it! I would love to see your wreath so feel free to leave a comment below with an image!

P.S. This wreath would make a wonderful custom Christmas gift or look lovely as a wedding centerpiece!! 

DIY Monogram wreath

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Vent Cover Makeover on a Budget

vent makeover on a budget

Sometimes it is the little tiny details that make all the difference in your home. An example of this is radiator covers. One would think they are inconspicuous, but in reality, the color of them as well as how clean they are can really make a difference in how your home feels!

Since we redid the floors throughout the whole house to a very dark bamboo, the beige fixtures that came with the home were really standing out in a bad way.

I decided black vent covers would look be best with the flooring, however after checking them out at Home Depot and seeing that they cost from $50-$75 a piece, I realized that simply would not fit into our budget. We had 14 vent covers that needed replaced and that would cost over $1,000 after already spending thousands of dollars on flooring, foam base and trim.

Since Rust-Oleum has been a life saver with so many other projects, I decided to give it a try on the vents as well, and they turned out amazing! What could of cost over $1,000 only ended up costing less than $20 for a few cans of Rust-Oleum Universal® Flat Spray Paint.


vent makeover on a budget
Here is what they looked like before. As you can see, they stood out like a sore thumb!
vent makeover on a budget
To spray paint the vents, first I cleaned them off with a high pressure hose, then let them dry out in the sun. Once they were fully dry, I spray painted each with Rust-Oleum.
vent makeover on a budget
Here is the after, as you can see they go with the new floor much better than the beige.
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Baby Mason is a Girl!!!

We are super excited to announce our little one is a girl! She was supper wiggly during the ultrasound and would not look at the camera at all- but after some rolling around we were finally able to see her pretty little face and even watch her yawn! What a treat! Since we now know the sex of the baby we can begin planning what her room will look like! I decided to share with you some of our inspiration.

Baby nursery inspiration
Created by Ella Rose at
nursery inspiration
Found on
nursery inspiration
Found on
Nursery inspiration
Found on
nursery inspiration
Found on

P.S. The outfit in the header photo above was my grandmothers and the Eiffel Tower snow globe was a gift from my best friend. I’m all about bringing old items with new, especially when celebrating life-changing occurrences such as this! It also was incorporated into the baby shower invitations.

vintage themed baby shower invitations


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The NEW Positively Glamorous Office

The positively glamorous office

Before The Positively Glamorous Office

After The Positively Glamorous Office

I have the attention span of a three-year-old when it comes to decorating. I could decorate a different room of my house each week (literally) but my wallet will not allow for that! When we decided to redo the floors throughout the whole house I knew it was a good time to upgrade my office, since it would be getting a flooring upgrade as well. My previous office was simply matched to the existing yellow color that was in the room when we purchased the house. It was nice, but not quite as sophisticated as I wanted. The entire old office can be viewed here. 

Ever since my aunt painted her living room a rich navy, years ago, I have known that I wanted a room in my home to feature this color.It is so classic and rich looking. People seem to either love it or hate it, but I love it!! I did some research and Sherwin Williams Naval was the color we decided to go with. I wasn’t too worried about the room coming out too dark since there are two big windows in my office, and to be safe, I did an accent wall in Sherwin Williams Dover White. (I would’t recommend painting a small room with no light all in Naval.)

Every office needs simplicity and organization, so I removed a lot of the art work and only have a few feature items. Removing all of the chaos that was in the old space makes it much easier to concentrate. I will admit the space is not always so perfectly clean since I am often creating new things, but everything has a place to be put away, and I love that!

What do you think of the new space? I would love to hear your input!


Room Items

Living Chandelier- Repurposed at a barn sale, for the tutorial, click here

Couch- Pottery Barn, purchased at a yard sale for $200

White Fur Rug- Marshall’s $100

Industrial Lamp- Pottery Barn $299

Desk Lamp- Gift

White Vases- Ikea

Terrarium- Click here for the tutorial

Trunk- Found by my grandmother at a flea market

Jade Tree- Gift from my mother-in-law

Metal Drawer- Found at the Goodwill $5.00

Pillows- Marshall’s

Wooden Desk-Handmade by my husband, Patrick

Wooden Desk Chair- Purchased at yard sale by Patrick for $20

Virgin Mary Painting- Gift from our wedding

Vintage Wooden Mirror- Yard sale find $10.00

White Curtains- Amazon
The Positively Glamorous Office Living Chandelier

The Positively Glamorous Office Terrarium

The Positively Glamorous Office Vintage Books


The Positively Glamorous Office Desk

The Positively Glamorous Office Chair


The Positively Glamorous Office Open Shelving


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Before and After – Adding Dark Bamboo Floors

family room before and after adding dark bamboo floors

I have always had a love for deep rich dark hardwood floors. When we purchased our  home there was light laminate on the first floor and light bamboo, and shag carpeting and builders grade carpet upstairs. It was not very cohesive, (and to be quite honest my thought on what could be hiding in the shag carpet freaked me out) so we decided it was time to make a big decision and select one flooring throughout most of the home.

One of the salespeople we spoke to on our journey to selecting a floor asked, “If price wasn’t an issue, and you could have anything you wanted…what would you want?” Great salesperson right? My answer…dark hardwood all throughout our home. We knew the price would be hefty, but to cut down on costs Patrick thought we could do it ourselves and we did. I was the carpet staple removal gal. Not a fun job, but well worth the results.

After a Facebook poll, asking friends who recently installed new floors and shopping around we decided to go with Lumber Liquidators. They had the best prices in our area, a non pushy salesman approach and were very honest with us. Their suggestion if I wanted very dark flooring was to go with bamboo over hardwood due to the durability (bamboo is twice as hard as Oak) and the fact that it does not fade.

Kobra Clic Strand Bamboo

We went with the wide-plank Kobra “Clic” Strand Bamboo. Over 1,700 square feet later, and we are just about done (and by “we” I mean mostly Patrick, he is a trooper!) We still have the steps to do, but all of the flooring and new baseboard trim is installed. Let me tell you, nice baseboard is a must..Think of it this way, if you had a really nice dress on you wouldn’t throw on some old loafers for shoes, you would put on some flattering heels. Well, baseboard works the same way. It just makes everything look polished and put together.

Now that it is all installed, here are my thoughts on it:

1. I loooove the color. It is just the right depth and darkness.

2. I am glad we went with the wider plank, it made it quicker to install and looks better to me then the thin.

3. This stuff is high maintenance! The salesman at lumber liquidators warned me and so did every online review that I read. I knew what I was getting into. If you have dogs, which we do-especially white dogs, the hair is very noticeable as well as the paw prints. If you are OCD, like me, you quickly realize you have no choice but to get over it. When the floor is clean, and the rooms the dogs are not  allowed in, it looks fabulous.

4. Our home was a no shoe zone before, but now I have a sign on the door. Yes, I’m serious. (Ok, so maybe I’m still a wee bit OCD.) After you hull around bamboo flooring for months and install it yourself you too will understand. Although this flooring is durable, it scratches quite easily. So, no shoes and certainly no high heels belong on dark bamboo.

5. The whole scratching somewhat easily has caused for new “necessities,” (sorry Patrick!) so be sure to add these into your budget as well if you are planning on doing new bamboo dark floors:

If you purchase a rug, don’t forget to protect the floor! We got this, and it is working great! Grip-It Ultra Stop Non-Slip Rug Pad for Rugs on Hard Surface Floors, 8 by 10-Feet
Oh, and the madness…your rug needs protection too! Here is a great option. Scotchgard Carpet and Rug Protector, 17-Ounce

Phew! One thing sure leads to another. Hope this helps you on your quest of home renovations!

*This is not a Lumber Liquidators sponsored post. Only my opinion, in the hopes of helping others renovating their floors.

Kobra Clic Strand Bamboo dark hardwood floors




dark hardwood floors




P.S. Morley, pictured above decided he likes the new floors too-but not quite as much as the fuzzy rug that is oh so comfy!

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Apartment Tour with Amy

interior design inspiration

I am sooo very excited to introduce you to the extremely talented Amy and show you around her lovely apartment! I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me. Amy truly has eye for design and gift for making ordinary household items extraordinary!


1. Your style is so unique and enchanting! When did you first fall in love with interior design?


Thank you! That’s exactly how I want people to feel when they walk into my house!
I really fell in love with Interior Design when I was in High School (way back in the day). I was always really artistically inclined and I had an amazing teacher who got me into Graphic Design and from that point I discovered that I wanted to use my love of color and graphics in other ways, Interior Design was my favorite and most satisfying path. I love making people have feeling when they enter a room, using color, print, and design to cause something unexpected.


2. Where do you go for inspiration? What inspires you?


I love art in every form and try to see it in everyday things. I really love graffiti and the feelings that it incites, so even just walking down the street can give me inspiration. I always carry a camera, you never know when inspiration might hit so I always want to document what caused the inspiration in the first place, I always feel like its a moment I may never see again so I better capture it. One time I passed this girl on the street with the most amazing tattoos, they were vibrant and just beautiful…a true piece of personal art. I asked her if I could take a photo of her arm because it was just so pretty and it caused a feeling inside me that I wanted to duplicate one day.

Sometimes I love just walking through the paint department, I will find the first color that stands out to me and get a sample of it to use somewhere some day.

Apartment Decorating, Decorating Inspiration

3. Where do you find your objects and treasures? What are some of your favorite shops?


Being new to Delaware and the Philly area and still getting settled in my own home I haven’t really discovered a whole lot yet but I cant wait to start digging in literally! Back in Nashville I loved flea markets! Flea markets are an amazing place to not only find inspiration but find great pieces of furniture that you will love forever. I love to find “multi-use furniture” or something that I can turn into that. Finding a great dresser that needs some love and turning it into a bar, or an old coffee table where I can take a little padding and some fabric and have a great bench for the end of my bed…those are the treasures that I love. Flea markets are also a great place to find vendors that you can really get to know, once they get to know you they can keep their eyes open for great finds that you will love and price negotiation is ALWAYS an option! I had these amazing vendors at the Nashville Flea Market that I had a great relationship with, I would get calls from them letting me know of pieces that they found for me and I almost always bought them. Developing that relationship and them knowing that you will always buy from them is a great way to score those deals. I have a gorgeous 1950’s lazy boy office set because of that, all in perfect working condition.

Another good place is GOODWILL, never underestimate the power of the furniture and art section of Goodwill. It may need a lot of work but in the end its worth it sometimes. I once found two vintage advertisements from Harpers Bizarre magazine that turned out the be originals! I had them framed and matted at a discount framing store, I sold one of them and then other hangs at my moms house. Never underestimate your local goodwill.

Online is a great place too. Craigslist (in safe areas, and always be smart…meeting in a public place, taking someone with you, etc.) and sell and trade groups on Facebook are great places to find great items. Most of my artwork are pictures that I have taken or found online, I save them to my phone or computer then send them off to Social Print Studio, using their app, to be printed. They print any size on thick stock paper so its perfect for framing, plus its a really good deal and great quality. Put them in some snazzy frames (I love IKEA frames) and on the wall and you have your own art gallery that you can change anytime!


4. Do you travel often, or have you lived many places?


We love to travel, and try to do it as much as possible. I love to bring back a little trinket from each place I go, especially if I can find a vintage compass…thats one of my favorite things to collect. Its always a reminder that no matter where I am there is always another direction to go. Our favorite travel destination is Austin Texas, if you havnt been, GO! It is such a fun city, so many things to do, places to eat, food trucks to explore!! They definitely live up to the weirdness they are defined by, but in such a good way. I have gotten so much inspiration from that city and find even more each time we go. Even for just a long weekend it is well worth the travel to go.

I like to say that I have a “Gypsy Soul”, my husband agrees. Im not sure if I will ever put down roots although Philadelphia is my favorite place so far, I could see myself settling there and loving it forever. I have a really spontaneous personality and love just jumping in the car and discovering a new place. I pretty much grew up in Nashville but always somehow new that wasnt the place for me, I went on vacation to California in 2009 and a few months later I was living there, 70 and sunny all year around really is the way to live. After several years we made our way back to Nashville and it still just didnt feel right so when we got the chance to make the change to the Philly area we jumped! I always thought that Nashville was the coldest I was going to get, now I know I was wrong. We havnt regretted one second of that decision. Now we look forward to more traveling and have several trips in the planning stages.

Apartment Decorating, Decorating Inspiration

5. Do you have any favorite interior design books?


I do! My favorite book is Create the Style You Crave on a Budget You Can Afford: The Sweet Spot Guide to Home Decor
Im all for getting a good deal and if I see something in a magazine that I love I try to find a way to do it for less. I once saw these curtains in a magazine that were a ridiculous price but they were so beautiful! I recreated them with some $30 canvas curtains from IKEA, a stencil, and metallic acrylic paint. They turned out better than I could have imagined and everyone who saw them loved them. Thats what I love about Interior Design, its not about how much you spend or what your budget for a room may be…its about the feeling that you create and the mood that the space takes you to, and that can be done on any budget.

I also love “The Handbook of Interior Design”. Its a pricey book but well worth it. I like it because it looks at Interior Design from the perspective of why and how, Why should that picture go there, or how do you create a space that is calming or inspiring?


6. Where do you hope your design talent takes you in the future?


I hope that it leads me to a career path that I love, if that means that I am in intern working for an established Interior Designer, or I find a position staging apartments and condos for viewing, it would be a career that I love, and that’s most important to me. For me, its not about a paycheck or the hours I work, I want to truly love what I do, and I am so fortunate to be in a position to have the ability to hopefully do that.


7. Do you have a favorite DIY project if so what is it?


My favorite DIY project would probably have to be my ottoman coffee table in my living room. It started out as one of those cheap, sometimes temporary, IKEA coffee tables. It had these crazy metal legs that always wobbled and would never stay tight. I removed the legs one day and noticed how great the surface of the coffee table was so i went to the fabric store and got some thick foam, cotton batting, cool fabric, trim, and nail heads for the top. I found some great legs for the table and I now have a really cool ottoman/coffee table that people think I spent a lot of money on.


8. Do you have any major projects in mind for the future?


Well that Ottoman/Coffee Table is getting ready to be revamped! A few minutes with new fabric and trim and it will look like a whole new piece! Im also getting ready to create a pantry space in our condo. I love “usable” space. Usually if I bring something new into my space it will have multiple purposes. Im going to be making the pantry from a large kitchen island with deep drawers or shelving and then open shelving above for canisters, then on the back of the island hanging hooks for wire baskets. It will give me a lot more storage space as well as more work top space near my kitchen!

My husband is begging for a bigger bar so Im thinking of creative ways to incorporate book storage/shelving into a piece that could also act as a bar space…we’ll see how that turns out, it may take some time.

I also have this huge wall in my house that is seen from the living, dining, and office area, I really want to do something fun with that. An unexpected wall color, a huge piece of artwork, some temporary (peel and stick) wallpaper in a really great pattern…something is going to happen there!


Like what you see? Amy can be contacted via email at

Apartment Decorating, Decorating Inspiration

Apartment Decorating, Decorating Inspiration

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