Taking Business to A Whole New Level with The Sarahs from Heart & Dash

Heart & Dash Sarah Kudlack and Sarah zero

Apparently naming your child Sarah means they will be independent, creative and very strong willed. At least, all of the Sarahs I have met so far in my life seem to be this way. The Sarahs of Heart & Dash are absolutely no different. These two are taking the East Coast by storm with their exquisite events and super savvy “Boss Lady” skills. Their events are nothing short of Vogue-worthy and if you have a business- these ladies have a plan for you! Read on to learn about their journey, friendship and how it all began…

Key: SK= Sarah Kudlack and SZ=Sarah Zero


  • That is so awesome that you two met on Instagram and your business stemmed from there! How did you two know you would be.. As the song goes, “better together?”

    1. SK: In the beginning you never really “know”. It does take a certain leap of faith. We also were really realistic about getting to know each other or “dating” per se before we made it truly official. Our first meeting lasted almost 3 hours so that was a really good sign. 🙂  Then after that, just collaborating together, learning how the other works, having fun…. the decision to shack up became a natural one.

    2. SZ: That’s funny, because I definitely “knew” after just a couple of months of working alongside each other. We were getting together one or two days a week just to have a friend around while working on separate clients. As soon as I noticed I was getting twice as much accomplished for my clients on the days I worked with SK in the room {and vice versa}, I started convincing her to take that leap.

    3. SK: Haha – she likes to point out that she “knew” before me so she sounds smarter 😉

    4. SZ: …Or more desperate.


  • You both are obviously extremely talented! What experience does each of you bring to the table?

    1. SK: people always ask who’s the Heart and who is the Dash. We always find this amusing because that perception was never our initial intention, but now has sorta become how we are recognized. We each definitely have our own backgrounds and experience… mine being weddings, events, marketing and Zero’s being branding, visual communications, design. But what we love about this new partnership is realizing how beneficial we each are to one another. Zero’s input on weddings, and her perspective not coming from the industry is amazing. And I love nothing more when she turns her computer around to show me a logo she’s working on that I can help with. It’s so nice having someone there to bounce ideas off of or give you a boost when it’s needed.

    2. SZ: Thank you, I was born with it. Heh, just kidding. SK answered this one beautifully 🙂

    3. SK: You would never guess from this interview that SZ is incredibly humble… haha 🙂



Sarah Kudlack and Sarah Zero Heart & Dash



  • What inspires each of you and where do you go for inspiration?

    1. SK: Where don’t I get ideas? I LOVE talking to people and one of my favorite things is just chatting it up with someone and seeing where our minds can go.

    2. SZ: I find inspiration in getting to know our clients. I was recently working on a branding project for an artist down in Baltimore, and I realized that I needed to go down to visit her studio to see her process first-hand. As she was walking me through her sketches and showing me her portfolio and I got to touch the paper and see her light up as she talked about her work, my ideas started pouring out. I also find inspiration in podcasts, news, and blogs when I make the time to keep up with them! I often try to keep away from Pinterest — it has a way of making you compare yourself to others in a negative way, and once you see a great idea sometimes it’s hard to come up with your own. Lastly — nothing is more refreshing than a good walk with the pup to clear your mind and make room for new ideas.


  • Your events are Stunning with a capital S… What is your favorite event you have planned together thus far?

    1. SK: Thus far I think our Harvest Dinner series at Faunbrook has been my fave. However, we have some great weddings on the books for this year and I’m so excited to work on those together.

    2. SZ: The Harvest Dinner series will always have a special spot in my heart — they are just simply magic. We also have a pretty awesome event this year on Sept. 19th in Philly. Can’t wait to share 🙂


  • Helping a business grow by marketing them can be an extremely rewarding process. Is there any business in particular that has really touched you in the journey from taking them to a new level?

    1. SK: all of our businesses are our babies. We are drawn to clients that we really make a connection with and that trust us with their baby! Sometimes we think it’d be easier if we didn’t connect just so much, or didn’t feel as connected with them as much as we do, but in reality that’s just who we are. We want to be a part of the team!

    2. SZ: Yes! Extremely Rewarding! And I know this is like the least interesting answer ever, but I feel like every client we have right now is an absolute dream client. We look for clients that we consider to be ‘hidden gems,’ meaning, they have a fantastic product/service/space and they just need help polishing up that shine.


  • I absolutely love your idea for Lady Boss events, how did that begin?

    1. SK: We like to surround ourselves with strong, talented women who are determined to succeed because they make us better! A few folks have asked if it came from the book Girl Boss — which we read shortly after deciding to launch Lady Boss (awesome book!) — and it just reaffirmed how much we wanted to pursue it.

    2. SZ: We are constantly collaborating with other vendors, and it just so happens that the majority of them are female entrepreneurs. In the midst of an event or a photo shoot, we always find ourselves saying, “I really like you! Let’s get coffee so I can ask you about this and you can ask me about that!” But of course, even with the best intentions, getting together for coffee often takes a back seat to client work. So rather than scheduling a bunch of different coffee dates, we thought it’d be cool to set this up so you can get to know lots of other Lady Bosses all at the same time. One of our business values is to build our community by supporting other small businesses, so it was important to us to figure out a Lady Boss format that would be free for attendees. We’re so excited with the interest and turnout so far!


  • What advice would you give other young entrepreneurs that you have learned through creating Heart & Dash?

    1. SK: Well Heart & Dash is neither of our first businesses so I’m sure Zero would say something similar… but it takes hard work. And not the normal hard work, the realllyyy hard work. Haha. You go into it knowing it’s going to be hard, prepared for it, but until you’re knee deep you don’t’ realize what it entails. The fuel to stay up late nights, working weekends, missing your girlfriends, forgetting what your husband looks like, is truly loving what you’re doing. You might not love every second, but the love is there.

    2. SZ: Starting a business is iterative. You have to start somewhere, and it will not be perfect at first. So if you’re a perfectionist, learn to use your perfectionism in a new way. Use it to fuel revision, but don’t ever let your perfectionism hold you back from starting.



To learn more about these beautiful ladies check out the Heart & Dash Website.



Heart & Dash


Photo Credits: Black and White Photograph of the Sarah’s: Ampersander Studios
Event Photos: Alexandra Whitney Photography

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My Favorite Photographs from Our Wedding The Church & Formal Photos

positively glamorous wedding photos

Sharing these photographs is long overdue and I apologize for the delay. A HUGE thank you goes out to our photographer, Frank from FPS Photography. Frank is not only incredibly talented (as you will see) he also is extremely professional and brings a (much needed) sense of calm with him on your wedding day. I cannot say enough great things about his service. He definitely exceeded all of my expectations.

Wedding 11

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Before and After Gray and Yellow Family Room

This is not quite finished yet, but I couldn’t wait to share the results. Especially since it involved tearing down drywall. What a mess! The credit for this makeover goes to my husband. He was a trooper when it came to tearing all the drywall down on two sides of the room and putting brand new drywall up. As far as the colors and them goes, I decided on gray and yellow. The walls are painted with Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Paint in Dovetail. The paneling behind the fireplace was painted with Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Paint in Dover White.

family room before and after

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Sneak Peak! Wedding Table Numbers!

These were easy to make and will add a lot of glamour to your big day!
These were easy to make and will add a lot of glamour to your big day!

Here is a sneak peak of our wedding! More details and “how to’s” to come after the big day.. I want most items to be a surprise!

So here is how the table numbers were done…(and were inexpensive!)

I got all the frames from Dollar Tree. The background is simply scrapbook paper from Michael’s Craft Store. I printed each white paper in the middle on glossy paper from staples. To add a little pizzazz, I put rhinestones (also from Michael’s) on the top.


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save the dates
save the dates
Photo credit to http://fpsstudio.com/
Photo credit to http://fpsstudio.com/


Our save the dates were simple to create and turned out wonderful! I simply used our engagement photos that were taken by the wonderful and talented Jeff at FPS Studios. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, I created the typography design. I uploaded the file to vistaprint.com for printing. We found super adorable return address stamps on etsy from Note Trunk.

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