Homemade Lavender Lotion with Young Living Essential Oil

lotion made with young living essential oil

I am obsessed with Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil! I use it in the bathtub with Epsom Salt, in my floor cleaner to give the whole house a relaxing scent and I absolutely love diffusing it in my Young Living Dewdrop diffuser! (Bonus, both come in the starter kit.)

I wanted to make some great homemade gifts and thought some lavender lotion would be dreamy…especially for folks before bedtime!

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Why are Young Living Essential Oils Different?

Why is Young Living Different?

One of the things I get asked ALL the time is “why is Young Living different?” People want to know why they can’t use oils off the shelf at the grocery store or from Amazon.

Besides the fact of how YL chooses their seeds, own their own farms, chooses beyond organic land to grow on, ensures the correct time to harvest, including the correct time of year to harvest, they also are in complete control of their distilleries.
No other company owns farms or distilleries. NONE. They all get their oils from brokers. YL is in complete control with their farms and partner farms. When it’s tested (multiple times), if it’s not right, it’s not used. Period. No question.

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Discovering Young Living Essential Oils

Young living Essential Oils

I started out just trying two Young Living Essential Oils to see if I liked them. I was a new mom, and desperate for quality products for my home, my baby and my family. I quickly used them up. I decided to dive in and purchase a starter kit, because I knew I would save the most money that way.

Let me be clear…when I purchased my starter kit I told my friend who sold it to me (who is also a nurse at the Birth center where I had my daughter Elizabeth), “I’m so excited about my kit and using it, but there is no way I’m going to sell it. I’ve got three jobs right now and I’m so busy, there is no way.”

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